Sales & Customer Relationship Management System

Create, maintain, follow-up and control all your sales and customer information in one place and access them from anywhere through clear overviews, with direct links to current production and delivery data.

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Manufacturing Execution System & Detail Production Tracking

Track and follow up your production in real time: Have all the master data and dynamic information you need on the current status of your production available in a centralised web platform.

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Purchasing & Supplier Relationship Management System

With all your supplier’s information and clear overviews of current purchase orders, stock levels and work in progress you’ll have all the information you need for optimal purchasing decisions.

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Warehouse and Stock Management

Handle all stock data and tracking history with the accuracy you need: from general stock locations to detailed serial number tracking, the Transfact System allows you to configure your stock in just the right way for your organisation.

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Key Performance Indicators & Reporting

All the tracked data is available in real time and multiple reporting tools allow you to analyse trends, obtain an accurate view of the current status and identify possible risks so that you can make efficient and optimal decisions.

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Statistical Process Control & Detailed Production Measurements

The Transfact System allows you to go into the details of production. Define which measurements to take at each step and gather specific data to be used for quality control of individual units and to identify trends along the different production lines and machines

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The Transfact System is since 2004 the central System, with which we control our processes. It is unthinkable for our company to do without it, because it allows the modeling of flexible workflows and also it doesn’t stop at technical challenges like the integration of a lift-system or an automatic import of measurement-data.
Mr. Michal Jansen, Cerobear GmbH
The Transfact CRM Module is so much easier to use and to set up than others I’ve tried.
It lets me have all the data I need, neatly organized and linked to each other.
I can find anything within seconds, no paper-fuss, everything digital, it has made my life as a small business owner so much easier.
Maria Aragon, ACOCO Web

Keep Track, Order and Transparency

Transfact stands for “Factory Transparency”, which is what the system strives to provide your organization with:

  • Keep track and have access to real time information on current production, sales, stock and purchasing status. All in easy and clear overviews and all with just a few clicks.

  • Keep your data in order with full revision control capabilities, serial and lot-number tracking and structured data collection.

Transparent Triangle
Transfact ERP System functionalities & modules

Full functionality from Day 1

All modules and functionalities of the Transfact System are available to you at the same cost, so that you can have a full integration between the different areas of your organization within the system from day one.

We believe in Transparency as the key to success within an organization, therefore you also get transparent access to all our full range of functionalities, so that you can explore them, evaluate them and select the ones that fit your organization best.

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Define your individual process and workflow

The Transfact system is very flexible and configurable, because we know that your organization has individual processes and requirements that are unique to your way of working. This way, the Transfact system can be adapted to model your unique processes.

We also know that continuous improvement requires continuous change, therefore, parallel to setting up your Transfact System, we provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to adapt it and configure it as you need in the future.

Configurable Workflow
Cloud Secure Servers

In the cloud or at your own site

Transfact offers the system in 3 different options:

  • Available within one day
  • The users gain access to application software and databases. The servers are managed by German cloud providers.
  • Pricing: Pay by user by month
  • Suited for small organisations
  • Available incl. installation of the Transfact Infrastructure within one week
  • Private cloud is cloud infrastructure operated solely for a single organization. The customer can choose the cloud provider or Transfact makes recommendations based on the requirements. The customer can do the maintenance by themselves or Transfact can do it.
  • Pricing: One time license fee and yearly upgrade fees
  • Suited for mid-big-sized organisations
  • The system can be installed on a physical server with a Linux Operating System. It requires min. 8GB RAM and a good Raid System with at least 200GB hard disk space.
  • The system can be maintained by internal IT staff or by Transfact.
  • Pricing: One time license fee and yearly upgrade fees
  • Suited for mid-big-sized organisations

Multiple Languages

In today’s global world, your system needs to support multiple languages at all levels. The Transfact System is already available in German, English, Chinese, French, Polish, Japanese, Spanish and Dutch, and offers support for any number of languages.

Allow each of your employees to use the system in the language they feel most comfortable with, with the click of one button. No need to reconfigure or re-install anything.

Multi Language Support

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